Yet More Thoughts On The X100s 23mm f2 Fujinon As A Portrait Lens

Two shots from yesterday.

Overall, while I am becoming ever more impressed with both the quality of the results from this lens and also what you can actually do portrait-wise with a 35mm (equivalent) field of view, it really is just a little too wide for closer head shots. Not only because of the distortion that can occur, but also the fact you are practically climbing up the subject’s nostril to get the shot.

Now seriously hanging out for the rumoured new 50mm equivalent teleconverter.


_DSF3811-3 Both photos: X100s, off-camera flash, 1/500 sec @ f8, ISO 200. Files via Capture One & Lightroom + VSCO

More On Photographing Children (with X100s, etc.)

In a previous post, called Fujifilm X100s and Photographing Children, I talked about engaging children in a static zone to help nail focus and generally control what they are doing, yet provide a spontaneous look. Here’s another example, this time deliberately less spontaneous, and rather fixed looking.

The point this time, visually, was to create a composition that is balanced and interesting and also one that invites speculation. In this case, through oddness. By inviting some ‘oddity’ speculation, the viewer is (hopefully) engaged. It’s kinda like they will (again, hopefully) ask “What’s going on here?”*

Technically, the point this time is the same. Engage the child so they stand still.

Also, what you can’t see here is that I’m sitting down. My leg is extended and the ball of my foot and my toes are pinning the subject’s feet to the spot (softly, in stockinged feet). You need to tell them what you are doing and why. Kids get it, but they need the help. This is another good trick to keep children in one place. You can also put a ruler or something similar on the ground and have them curl their toes over it.

_DSF3260 1

* a lot can depend on the viewer here – some will just go ‘That’s weird, I don’t get it. What’s the lemon (or whatever) for?’ etc. To which you can reply “Exactly” and then tell them to Google Albrecht Dürer so they get even more befuddled.



B&W Intent

In a previous post I wrote the following:

“This has been my basic approach for a while now to B&W – try in the Fuji, and if I don’t like it or want a different took altogether…take the B&W file to Silver Efex Pro.”

Interestingly, this workflow also reflects intent, as I hardly ever convert a colour image to B&W now. I tend to make the decision and start out in B&W when I want B&W.

I really appreciate the X100s’ ability to do this, not only to shoot B&W jPEGs, but also to view the scene in B&W though a really good sized viewfinder.


In all honesty, I can’t remember if I took the above in B&W mode or not, it’s just the only one I have available at the moment, on my iPad Mini, that is B&W and from the X100s.;

Why Grandma, What A Big Lens You Have

See here,* at the bottom of Yodobashi Camera’s Blog page for the new X-Mount XF56 f1.2R lens, to see just how large it looks on the X-T1.

Why Grandma…


* the whole article is worth look at, for image examples, as too is the blog site in general. Even if you can’t read Japanese, the photos are worth a look. Also, hunt around, as there is the occasional English language article / report.