More Playing With the K’s Denki Demo Model

A few days ago I returned to the K’s Denki store and played with the demonstration model of the Fuji Film X-Pro1 again. This time they also had a demonstration model of the new X-E1, coupled with the XF18-55mm f2.8-4 lens. As already noted in about a billion other places on the internet, this camera is essentially the same as the X-Pro1, sans the hybrid viewfinder. It was nice; nice to look at, nice to hold, nice to use. However, I think I still prefer the hybrid viewfinder, with its optical viewfinder option.

While I can appreciate that for some people the electronic viewfinder is quite an attractive proposition as their only (or primary) viewfinder, I’m not overly drawn to it myself. However, I do recognise that an electronic viewfinder would have very real advantages in certain shooting situations and I feel that, even for people like myself, it would be a very important and useful competent of the total viewfinder system. Overall however, for myself, the optical view is where it is at. Thus the X-Pro1 also remains, for me, where it is at.

Typed with a little help, yet again, from Miles.


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