A Little P.S.

Still, after several days, the exposures I referenced above have lingered, quite strongly, in my mind. Two in particular remain quite fresh in my memory. This I feel attests to the fact that they were indeed very good compositions. I’m quite saddened in fact, that I can’t possess these images. For of course they were stored, only briefly, on the shop’s memory card in the demo camera. I think it is a paltry (& very slow) 32 MG card, for it fills up after only about five frames, and then needs to be erased if you wish to continue playing. I recall that immediately upon taking the first good composition, I wished I had brought my own camera with me, so I could have first surreptitiously slipped in my own card and formatted it. Had I done that, then I would have been able to take home the portrait.

I kept thinking on this, as I kept taking (& deleting) photographs.



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