Conundrum (or, should I buy an X-100s?)

So, I’m basically a single focal length kind of guy. I don’t really like zooms. That’s not to say anything negative about zooms in principle. If you like ‘em, fine and great. Just, I don’t seem to do well with them overall.

In rangefinder (& full frame) terms, I own four focal lengths: 25mm, 35mm, 50mm & 85mm. I almost never use the 85mm (that’s okay, I only paid 2000 yen for it). I sometimes have short bursts with the 25mm, kinda like taking a day trip.

Mostly however, I stick to the 35mm and the 50mm. And when I say “stick to,” typically that would be several months with one, and then on a whim, switching to the other for several months. “Several months” can be anywhere from about three of them up to a year’s worth. I guess the average would be somewhere around four or five months.

So, the conundrum is, now that the X100s is here and all spanking new and flash and X-Trans-ish, and facing up to the fact I would be very happy with just 35mm (equivalent), should I just get an X100s instead?

Because the thing is, no way now am I going to buy an X-Pro1. It’s clear that there will have to be an X-Pro2 at some stage, presumably with the new part II sensor & associated hardware, focusing system, etc. Also possibly with some extra features that the new X100s doesn’t have. I think we can always expect that, that these two cameras will leap frog each other with new bits and bobs. I think I’d be a Silly Billy to buy one now.

The problem is, how long will I have to wait for the X-Pro2 (X-Pro1s?). Could be soon, but also could be ages (as in, 2014 even). So, that’s the tough nut, the kernel as it were, at the centre of this whole internal acquisition debate. The conundrum.

That’s All (said better by Seasick Steve though).


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