New Camera Ordered

Well, I went ahead and bought a camera from Map Camera in Shinjuku, Tokyo. 

I bought a…



Not only that, a six year old Sony. 

What the hey! Not to mention, why?

Well, despite trying to convince myself (& others) that the next X-ProWhatever is a year or so away, it might in fact turn up twenty seconds after I buy an X-Pro1. That bothers me a fair bit. So, I decided to wait. 

But that left me with my trusty GF1 as my only digital camera. And while it is in fact quite a fine camera, I am also quite sick of having no viewfinder. And while I love using my M6, I am in fact also quite tired of developing and scanning film. 

Recently some people pointed out to me that, basically, ‘glass is forever.’ Then I realised that I still have my dead Konica Minolta 7D and two as yet living zooms (one of which is quite good). Thus the Sony. 

It is an α700 to be exact (so hey, depending on when it was manufactured / sold, it might only be four years old). As far as I can tell, it is the last optical viewfinder dSLR they made of a decent enough build quality. It has enough resolution and the price was good too, at around 34,000 yen (approx. US$347). So, that’s that.

I eagerly await Mr. Takyubin.*

Typed, once again, with a little help from Radiohead (seems iTunes fancies this song)

* takyubin – 宅急便  – is the Japanese word for courier service (well, technically, ‘express home delivery’ service, or literally ‘home hurry convenience’ service) 


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