The Colossal Metaphor: The X100s and X-Pro1 are Wolfmother

I like the Australian band Wolfmother.

Well regarded and popular as they are, they still have come in for criticism as being too copy-caty.

I do think they are highly derivative,* but also intensely fun.**

That, it occurs to me, is is the perfect description of the X100s and X-Pro1.

Both cameras clearly refer back to classic rangefinder cameras, in particular, the Leica M series. Yet, despite this gloss of antiquity, they are, like Wolfmother, clearly a modern beast – wild and daring, dripping in cool, and absolutely, modernly relevant. And like Wolfmother, they are fun. Rock and roll, in a box.***

The X100s and X-Pro1 are Wolfmother.

As to the European Dandy, more on the X-E1 later.

Typed with a little Gypsy help, from this band.

* but hey, listened to any early Rolling Stones lately?

** please excuse my intensely awkward use of the intensifier intensely.

*** although, some days I must admit, I think more of them as Bill Evans in a box – which is of course, still very wild and daring in it’s own way.


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