The Continental Metaphor: The X-E1 is a European Dandy

Here in Japan there is a particular and clear style of male fashion that some favour. I’ve seen the same style from other East Asian countries too. As immediately recognisable as it is, until recently I’ve had no real descriptors at my disposal for identifying this incidence of (supposed) sartorial elegance.

Recently I’ve been shamelessly enjoying the Korean romantic comedy Coffee Prince (or, more accurately, “The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince” – the title is also a spoiler).

Researching this programme on the web, I discovered that the series producer described the style of the male lead as being that of “European dandy.”* Seems I have my descriptor.**

My case for the X-E1 as European dandy begins and ends here (well, begins 15 seconds in and ends at the end).

Staying oldy-schooly – this time typed with help from a methylated sandwich and the Bishop’s daughter.

* interestingly, if the male lead can be described as European dandy, the female lead is more ‘sha-girl’ like

** also seems, I should have really known – I see this every day.

IMG_0021 Dandy House 2


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