SOOC It To Me – X100s jpegs

Fancy photo-graphical types get to go to exotic places. David Hobby and Dubai, Zach Arias and Istanbul, Pooneh Ghana and just about anywhere there’s music, Chase Jarvis and New Zealand (ki ora) all spring to mind. Even Patrick La Roque, who inspires by his ability to create great photos, often without travelling from home and thus showing that creativity really does lie within, gets to go to Cuba.

Lowly ‘ol expatriate photo peasants like myself just have to make do with the mundane down the road (what’s the emoticon for ‘tongue in cheek’ anyway?). *

All of these are Fujifilm X100s straight out of camera jpegs. Only thing done was resizing them for the web (and no doubt some mangling by the blog software).

SOOC it to me baby.

*Apparently it’s :-J

Addendumit’s good advice to show only one’s best photographs, which is not what I’ve done here. I’ve put up everything from the day out that wasn’t total rubbish. Perhaps I’ll post what I think of as the best ones some other time.

Typed with a little help from Nina.












































Oh, and let’s end with the obligatory shot of a drink in a coffee shop, and a self portrait in a Starbucks’ loo._DSF0558_SOOC


10 thoughts on “SOOC It To Me – X100s jpegs

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  5. Thanks for the post. I’m still getting familiar with my X110s and seeing what others are doing with this nifty little camera is educational. Can you tell about what settings you used for these images? I like the film-like look to them.


    • Hiya!

      Sure. From memory all or almost all of these photos were taken in one of the Advanced Filter modes, mostly Toy mode, with an occasional few in the Miniature mode. Often with the camera set to square format. In the Advanced filter modes, you can’t really adjust so much, so everything here is pretty standard, settings wise. The highlights and shadows (H-Tone & S-Tone) are dialled down to -1, the Dynamic Range would have been on Auto, the ISO set to auto with minimum / maximums of 200 / 1600 (or maybe 3200). White balance to auto and Noise reduction to 0 (or maybe -1) and Colour and Sharpness to 0.

      I may have corrected the white balance later (but can’t really recall now). Toy mode has a pretty strong colour cast at times, and I find that by correcting this you can get a less extreme but still interesting look.

      Hope that helps.


  6. It is clear that a lot of these photos have had a heavy vignette applied to them. Is that a filter within your Fuji camera? I didn’t know they included that sort of editing.


    • Hiya!

      I took these a while ago now, but from memory a lot of this set where in the Toy mode under the Advanced Filter menu. The Toy mode does apply a fairly heavy vignette, a la such cameras as Holga, Dianna, etc.

      Hope that helps.


      • Thanks for the info. Impressive just what those Fuji cameras can do. Some of the colours are incredible. Congratulations on your photos and the great look.


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