Capture One Pro 7 Noise Reduction and Fujifilm X-Trans Sensors

On Fuji Rumours, and talking about Capture One 7 in relation to Fujifilm X-Trans sensor RAW files, a commentator called Per K stated (here – in the second section),

“I do not understand why C1 is set to heavy noise reduction (50 on a scale 0 – 100) in the standard setting!”

I’m reluctant to talk about software, as I might get it wrong, or at least incomplete, as I often do.

Anyway, that said, apparently these “50” percent figures are actually floating values adjusted in the background in the version 7 image engine, giving what the Capture One engineers believe to be optimal balance between sharpness and lack of noise, on an image by image basis.

Thus the “50” settings (for luminance & colour) represent the amounts that the engine suggests for each image (which might not be very much at all), allowing for equal user adjustment either way. The third slider (single pixel) auto adjusts based on the camera model and the iso.

Same for the “Advanced” noise reduction below – the top ‘details’ slider shows the “50%” representing what’s happened behind the scenes and the ‘fine grain’ slider auto adjusts per camera model and iso

Of course, none of this changes the fact that individual users may prefer having everything set to zero (or some other figure). They can always make a user preset to reflect their preferences or even set a particular camera’s default to what they prefer.

Capture One’s page about this is here.

The photo below, incidentally, is about nothing, other than I let Capture One 7 Pro add the noise reduction automatically (single pixel at 70 and fine grain at 25 I note).

Typed, for a change, to the blissful silence of a 5 am morning




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