Weather Sealing – or the lack of, on the X100s

Chasing around from a link of Fuji Rumours, I found this X100s review where the reviewer mentions the lack of weather sealing.

I was thinking about this very same point last night and how odd it is that the X100s, a camera designed and made in Japan, a country with some fierce summer storms, is not a bit better sealed. I was thinking this while at a local festival when an electrical storm hit and the rain started to come in sideways.

Incidentally, a few days ago I wrote about how pleased I was that I didn’t feel my X100s was a G.A.S purchase. What I didn’t mention at the time was that I wasn’t so sure about my new Billingham Hadley Pro. However, after last night’s downpour, where the old Domke would have failed me, I can now proudly proclaim the Billingham as a necessity. Again, phew!



2 thoughts on “Weather Sealing – or the lack of, on the X100s

  1. The Billingham Hadley Pro is giving me GAS. I have about 6 camera bags (some not specially made for cameras). Maybe the rain protection will convince my wife!


    • Hiya!

      Maybe. I spun mine as the need to protect the new expensive camera. It helped that I only really have the Domke as a shoulder camera bag, and that it is visibly falling apart & that the pockets can’t be trusted now not to drop smaller items out through various holes.

      Seriously though, last night I ran the risk of wrecking the camera without a rainproof bag. I’m thinking of also sticking a small ziplock bag in the back pocket, just in case – when a typhoon hits, even the Hadley might need some help. Actually, I’m going to do that right now, as soon as I hit the post button.


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