Messing up

So, when you mess around (see last post), you tend to mess up.

Printed at first accidentally using A3 settings on A3 nobi paper.* Didn’t really matter in the end, as it showed up some problematic bits introduced by the output sharpening that I had to go back and fix anyway. Least I managed to get the second and third photographs printed right on the first attempt. Sorry for the wobbly handheld lack of sharpness. I can see how copy stands are useful.



* Japanese term for A3+ / A3 Super paper size – pronounced “kno” as in ‘knob’ and “be”**

** or just plain “knobby” now that I think about it


3 thoughts on “Messing up

  1. These pics look good. The details in the actual prints must be awesome. What’s with the trees? High wind environment? The seascape looks menacing with the gloomy clouds.


    • Hiya!

      Go here.

      See the top of the beach at Cannibal Bay? And the road that comes in from the left / north-west and then turns north? The trees are just after it turns north, on the little dog leg part if you zoom in. If you zoom out, you’ll see that directly below, straight south, the next stop is the antarctic. Thus the windswept nature of the coast here (although actually, mostly the wind arrives there as an easterly and you can see that in the trees, they’re leaning west).

      Take care.


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