Is the Fujifilm X100s a Hipster Camera?

My last post reminded me of something. Somewhere, can’t remember where now, I came across a disparaging article / entry that referenced a camera that seemed to be the X100(s) and VSCO, and boldly stated they were faux retro hipster tools.* Shortly after that I came across this notion several more times, especially in relation to VSCO.

Two days ago, when I was sitting in a coffee shop, sporting my X100s and wearing my beard and my trousers whose upturned cuffs don’t quite reach my ankles, I decided to take some photos of the stuff on my table. In other words, I was doing hipster stuff.

Sitting, enclosed as I was in my little bubble of concentration, it took a while for me to realise other people were finding my behaviour curious. Personally, I found their curiosity curious, for although I’m not a Japanese girl, I do live in the land of Japanese girls constantly taking photos of their food and drinks in cafes. Thus, it seems normal to me. Elsewhere though, it seems it smacks of hipster.** Oh well.

Incidentally, I agree with Patrick La Roque when he states that VSCO makes a great starting point and learning tool. On the other hand, the colour ones in the set below were simple two-click solutions. The B&W via Silver Efex Pro.

Page 1

* I know, I know, I just like the way faux and retro sound together.

** or oddness, at the very least


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