Muted Colours & the VSCO Look, or, I Should Be Brave

Just sitting in an Allpress Expresso Roastery Cafe, looking at the Jan/Feb issue of Frankie, and I can’t escape the fact that all (as in, all) of the photographs are quite muted in their palette and subdued in their contrast. Partly this is a function of the lover-ly matt paper the magazine is printed on, but overall I feel the intent is there in the making.

The question immediately crossed my mind; “is this VSCO‘s doing, or is this a trend that VSCO is following?”* Whatever the answer,** it definitely is a bonafide trend.

Thing is, I’ve always, since time immemorial, liked this somber toned and reduced contrast look. I’ve just never really had the courage to follow it, mainly cos I always though people wouldn’t like it / would think it was a poor, underexposed photo / etc. Now if I do it, I look like a freaking hipster.***

I ought to be brave.

_DSF2405 (1)

* the second thought was; “am I now following the stupid trend of senselessly dissing VSCO?”

** & I suspect it’s something that the likes of VSCO, et al. have at first glommed onto and then helped perfect and spread

*** & I really do look like a freaking hipster. I hate the way they’ve appropriated the southern redneck hillbilly bearded look that is, in fact, my natural state.


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