X100s Toy Mode – The Hipster Camera Revisited

Patrick La Roque has written quite a lot about his use of VSCO Film and post production, most recently here. One of his ideas that I really like is that people should get over whether or not it’s a trend or force of evil sameness, and simply use VSCO (or whatever, I guess) like a film stock. Rather than slagging off everyone for having the same VSCO LOOK™ (whatever that is), people should just accept this like they used to accept film stock. As Patrick said, “15 guys all shooting Tri-X has never been an issue, so why is it a problem when those same guys all use a digital interpretation of it?”

I feel the same way about the X100s Toy Camera mode. Sure, it’s a bit cheesy & gimmicky, and very same same when compared to the look others get using the same setting. But, when you buy a so-called toy camera, you get cheesy too. And the same (brand specific) look. I will admit though, with a toy camera, the camera to camera variation in oddness is one of the attractions.

Anyway, I like toy mode, I like the look of the photos, I like the lack of pretty much anything I need to do afterwards, and I’m going to keep using it – in all its hipster glory. Here’s some.

_DSF2857 1 _DSF2875 _DSF2895 _DSF2902

Typed, in the bungalow, with a little help from A. J. Sharma


3 thoughts on “X100s Toy Mode – The Hipster Camera Revisited

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