Lens Flare With X100s Fujinon Lens

A few days a go, in his Confessionsxl blog, Bert Stephani* wrote an entry called Fuji is Listening.

It was quite interesting, and one of the more interesting things he wrote about was that the Fujifilm lens makers acknowledged you can’t build a lens that always eliminates flare, but you can try to make it look as nice as possible when it is unavoidable, and that’s indeed what they strive to do.

Anyway, that was running through my mind yesterday when I took some shots of my new Lensmate X100(s) thumbrest.

In case you missed it in yesterday’s photos,** check out this totally circular lens flare. Never seen this happen before (with this camera).

Beautiful? You can decided.

The light source was natural light, coming from the left about 60cm away, through what I call the Japanese soft box; my shōji – traditional Japanese sliding paper screen doors.

_DSF3093 1Fujifilm X100s, 1/50 @ f4, ISO 3200. RAW converted to TIFF in Capture One & converted to jPeg in Lightroom, with no adjustments added in either application.

* seriously, check out his main site too at that link, I’d only ever looked at his blog until now, and missed some of the work he does. Love the Triumph shot – my first bike was a Bonneville

** it’s there in all of them (bar the last), just minimised


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