Why Blogging Is Neat

Why is blogging neat? Because people can ‘like’ you.

Seriously though, it’s not an ego thing (mostly). When someone ‘likes’ something you have posted or leaves a comment, then you can check them out too, and that means you sometimes find some real gems that you would otherwise not have.

This person, Phil Kneen, kindly took the time to leave a comment on one of my posts (thanks for that), and now I’ve found him. Which I’m very pleased about, because his work is fantastic. I really like rich, soulful portraits of people and that’s what Phil Kneen makes – he likes to “shoot people” and he’s wicked good at it.

Thus, my recommendation for today is to go and look at his work, here:



Typed with a little help from something or other by the White Stripes or Jack White (or whatever), streamed online from Radio One – my old university’s radio station.

addendum: I don’t get than many ‘likes’ or comments, so I really should make more of an effort to respond to them, but I find I get anxious and write and rewrite responses over and over, and then it just eats into my free time (seriously, this is this post’s 12th revision). Sorry. Sometimes time constraints mean that when I do get a free moment I go back and respond, often much latter. Sorry about that too. I do (almost) always check out the people who ‘like’ or leave comments though.

I do seem to have a lot of time today – it’s raining. Maybe the afternoon will be better?


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