Dear Fujifilm… (an X100s accessory wish)

A wee while ago I wrote an entry on GAS (gear acquisition syndrome) which I never used. It had grown too long and unwieldy.* Anyway, to cut a long story short, I don’t think I have GAS.

What I do have at times though, is NIGGLE (my pseudo-acronym for ‘non impulsive gear lust’). I really had it strong for the X-Series interchangeable lens system recently. I really really wanted an X-Pro1. However, since I didn’t act impulsively & took my time (ages really), I finally came to the realisation that what I really really wanted was the X100s. Not only that, it was the camera I needed, which is a different concept altogether.

Anyway, now that I have one, I know it wasn’t GAS because I‘m really really happy, and all that lust has simply dissolved into a sea of boundless satisfaction. However…

I’m completely certain that Fujifilm’s camera division doesn’t know I exist (even though it turns out I live a mere 7 miles / 11 kms from the factory were my X100s was designed). I also doubt very much that if they were aware of me, that they would listen.

But just in case, can we please have a mid length telephoto conversion lens for the X100(s)?

Sort of a balance to the already existing WCL-X100 28mm equivalent wide conversion lens. It wouldn’t have to be too long, just useful for a little extra reach for portraits. I guess SLRs traditionally seem to favour something around 85mm** for this, and rangefinders around 75mm. So, anything that gave this sort of equivalent reach would be great.

I doubt it will ever happen though. While it does make perfect sense from a ‘tightly conceived versatile little compact system’ point of view, it probably doesn’t make sense from a business point of view. I imagine it would be perceived as something that might potentially eat into the sales of the interchangeable lens X-Series systems.

For example, it could be seen as competition for the yet to be released Fujinon XF56mm f1.2 R (84mm equivalent) – a lens clearly intended for the high end bokeh monster portrait lens faction.

But really, dear Fujifilm, would a x2 or x2.14 magnification conversion lens (giving a 70mm or 75mm equivalent) be too much to ask? This would fall between the existing Fujinon XF35 f1.2 R (53mm equivalent) and the upcoming 56mm, so surly wouldn’t do too much harm. Please, spread the love.

This conversion lens, she could be my velvet morning silver lining lone ranger riding through an open space – (Why) R U (Not) Mine?

Anyway, this is my currant niggle.


* not that this isn’t

** I know – out to about 120mm. I’m just generalising, please don’t roast me over this.


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