I Don’t have GAS, Dammit

Apropos my last post, I own 14 cameras, which astounds non photography people. However, it isn’t that many really, especially considering that I’ve never sold a camera (all except two are essentially worth nothing now) and these cameras represent just under 30 years of photography. That doesn’t equate to a new camera every two years either, as some are 35mm film, some are medium format film, some are crop sensor digital, some are toy and some are pinhole. Thus, different tools for different uses / results, and most coexisting and in use with others. The shortest service any of those have seen is three years, my first digital and only replaced for being well and truly made redundant.

As for lenses, 6 of those cameras can be divided into three sets of two cameras that share lenses, and with one exception I own no more than two lenses for each set. The exception is four lenses that will work with Leica M mount. I also have one working tripod and one broken one, a small handful of filters (5?), a shutter release cable and the second cheapest Sekonic light meter. I also have one camera backpack and two medium sized shoulder camera bags and one smallish pouch-like single camera only shoulder bag.

So, over 27 years, I don’t think that amounts to GAS.

Addendum: I can now add one new tripod to the list, to replace the broken one. And I should have mentioned, each tripod resides in a different country and the only reason I have two is because I don’t want to travel back and forth with them.


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