Take a Fecking Photo, Fer Chrissakes

So, apparently there is a blossoming ‘Bayer array’ vs. ‘X-Trans’ sensor debate, and there are online scribblings about this, and even polls. One example of this I just now saw had the same three options for two different ‘which do you prefer’ questions. For first RAW and then for jPeg, the poll options were ‘X-Trans’ or ‘Bayer’ or ‘no noticeable difference.’

How about a forth option: who cares?

There, grumpy bit over, I’m inclined to concede that these kinds of things generally do no harm (& each to their own, and all that).

But then again, do they not? What about all those hapless souls that get sucked into the vortex, and who end up spiralling crazily out of control, only to wash up on the shores of GASlandia? Or, conversely, already find themselves marooned there, unable to escape the currents.*

Almost a cliche I know, but the survival advice remains sound: swim against the tide – strike out for yonder far shore, and take some fecking photos along the way, fer Chrissakes.


* nor to mention those lost in the Byzantine complexity of Pixeltopia’s Labyrinthine highways and byways


One thought on “Take a Fecking Photo, Fer Chrissakes

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