Apple – Lost the Plot?

There’s all these metaphors and half remembered witty old conceits that run along the lines of “believing too much in their own hype / drinking their own Koolaid / their own biggest fan / etc”

Is that what’s happening with Apple?

I’m attempting to type this on a train, on my morning commute, using the mostest currentest Pages for iOS* on my iPod Touch. Why do I say ‘attempting’? Well, because it’s proving fecking hard.

Unlike some competitors, Apple’s own iOS app for it’s native environment, also made by Apple, doesn’t offer an option for typing at a comfortable size on whatever device you’re using. I can’t speak to Pages on a full sized iPad, but on iPhones / iPad Touches, and presumably iPad Minis, you only get to see a small part of the document while typing. An especially small part on iPhones / iPad Touches. Want to read a whole line across the page, you have to thumb scroll sideways. What the feck is up with that?**

Sure, you might be trying to format or lay out some specific stuff and need everything to stay A4 or whatever, I get that. I really do. But how about an option to just make regular old typing easier? As things stand now, you have to make a custom sized document (around A6 does it) and then bring this into your device to copy every time you want to just type something easily while on the go. In-app Document Setup? Apple only offers A4 and US Legal! “Fit text fit text fit text fit text fit text fit text fit text!”

But that’s not really the point of this post, just a none too brief aside, born of present frustration. The real problem, as of yesterday’s round of Mavericks driven updates, is that everything’s been dumbed down.

People have long complained that the mobile iOS iLife apps were not on par, feature wise, with their desktop siblings. Lots of obvious reasons why – smaller brain and less space to play in basically. Fair enough.

So how did Apple solve this problem. Lift up the iOS apps to within grasping reach of the bar set by the desktop apps? Nope. Seems they just decided to lower the desktop bar.

Now everything is kinda working in tandem on an equal dumbed down footing. And cos some really important Apple guy whose name I can’t remember is calling this the greatest day for Apple software ever, or some such, then everything must be great, right?

What’s this got to do with photography? Nothing much – until we get the next version of, um, iAperture.

Before that happens, we can only hope the the New Emperors’ Co-Op remembers to get dressed.

Addendum: it’s taken quite a few days to get this up. Just too busy with the start of a new semester – compounded by the fact my old Pages / iCloud based workflow no longer works (to be fare, ultimate blame lies on my company here). For a more considered and less ranting view, you can visit M. Patrick LaRoque here [link]. Nope, apparently can’t do that either in iOS. Probably lose that on the desktop version next. Oh fuck! I haven’t looked for that yet. Hope it’s still there. Here’s the plain old link.

Addendum 2: can still link in the desktop Pages – phew! But of course, it’s weird. You find it under the “insert” button in the toolbar (which is okay), and then you’re confronted with a box that after you insert the URL into has only two options, “remove” and “open.” You want neither of these. Just click back in the document to keep typing.

Addendum 3: a far more positive review here, from someone who no doubt knows far more than me.

* ditto the mostest currentest bit

** admittedly not something they’ve just introduced, just something they’ve failed to fix

Typed with a little help (most appropriately) form David Kilgour – Living in Space. “Lost that summer feeling” – indeed


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