Fujifilm, Meet Fuji-san


Wikipedia, the ever eager to please lapdog of this armchair researcher, informs me that the term mindshare “…relates generally to the development of consumer awareness or popularity, and is one of the main objectives of advertising and promotion.”*

If you want mindshare however, try the name Fuji.

In Japan Mt. Fuji, or Fuji-san (富士山) has total cultural penetration, in about pretty much any way you want to examine it, be it concept, construct, symbol, image, archetype, or whatever.

The are people, towns, rivers, cities, musical festivals (rock and jazz), race tracks, spacecraft, apples, and even a warship, all lamed Fuji. And that’s not even getting into company names. I suspect that you can take just about any product made or service provided in Japan and prefix it with the name Fuji and find an actual company called that. Fuji Bank, Fuji Electrical, Fuji Bikes, Fuji Railways, Fuji TV, Fuji Transport, Fuji Tackle, Fuji Heavy Industries (includes Subaru Automobiles & not to be confused with Fuji Subaru Land – which is a dog park), Fuji FM, Fuji Foods, Fuji Safari Park, Fuji Bookstore, Fuji Harness (dogs again), Fuji Soba (noodles), Fuji Dream Airlines, Fuji Glasses, Fuji Insurance, Fuji Ceramics, and … Okay, I think the picture has been painted. About 35,000,000 hits in Japanese.

Oh yeah, and of course, our beloved Fujifilm – 富士フィルム.

Why’s the name so important? Well, along with simply being really beautiful, I suspect because throughout Japan’s history, Fuji-san has just been so visually dominant. I live a little over 100km away, and on a clear day it sticks up over the horizon like the proverbial sore thumb. It’s freaking huge. It’s truly awe inspiring.

Anyway, what’s all this really about? Oh, nothing much, other than I went to see Mt. Fuji up close yesterday.

_DSF4518-3X100s, cropped frame, lashings of clarity.

* it also cautions me not to confuse the term with mind meld.


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