Joyful Christmas

I sit here in my favourite Starbucks, an oddly rural affair where it is seldom busy, and listen to Christmas songs. Japan is not a particularily Christian country, and I myself am not a Christian. But if Starbucks can get with the programme, I guess I can too. So, wherever you are, and whatever your faith, creed or personal beliefs, I wish you good will, on this day and all others.

_DSF4770While heading home from Mt. Fuji the other day, we went to Fuji-Q Highland, a mind freakingly scary amusement park. We went however, to visit their separate attraction, Gaspard & Lisa’s Village. Here’s a photo from the Xmas tree.

Typed while listening to Nina Feeling Good, over Starbuck’s speakers (& trust me, that is definitely much better than Bing).


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