Thumbs Up To Mt. Fuji

I wrote the other day about how imposing Mt. Fuji appears on clear days, even from a hundred odd km away. Today it is clear again and I took a couple of photos, a few kms from my house, while driving to my favourite rural Starbucks. 35mm (equivalent) does’t really give you the feeling of the real-life view, so I’ve included a crop version, which far better conveys the actual feeling you get looking at the mountain (if not the exact dimensions). I wrote the other day that Mt. Fuji sticks out like a sore thumb, and today I confirmed this. In real-life, with my arm extended, the mountain sticks up over the horizon the distance between the bottom and middle knuckles of my thumb.



Typed with a little Watermelon Man help from Herbbie Hancock. Starbucks has thankfully given up on the Christmas songs.


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