Fujifilm and the Idea of Kaikaku

I wrote here about the idea of kaizen and how Fujifilm’s continuous efforts at improvement, especially regarding firmware, may be interpreted in terms of this Japanese production philosophy.

The flip-side to this is kaikaku, which basically means reform or innovation. It often has the nuance of radical change.

Unlike kaizen, it tends to be management instigated and led. Like kaizen, it primarily refers to production systems, so again I’m not sure if the term can be applied in the purest sense to what Fujifilm has been doing with product models.

However, having said that, the introduction of the X100 and then all of the subsequent X-Series cameras can certainly be seen as a major departure from what had been until very recently the typical fare offered by Japanese camera companies.

So, in this sense, perhaps we can view the X-Series range as a manifestation of kaikaku?

_DSF5498Kai: 改 = reformation, change, modify, mend, examine, inspect, search. Kaku: 革 = leather, skin, reform, become serious


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