The Camera Fujifilm Should Make Next

I just bought a new juicer, and I took a couple of photos of it to send to my friend. I used my iPad Mini Retina.

This made me realise, while the photos themselves are no great shakes, quality wise, looking at the Mini’s retina screen to compose on was a whole lot of fun. It’s fecking big when compared to any regular camera back.

So, the camera Fujifilm should make next is an X-Trans view camera, with a retina-like screen on the back, about the size of the iPad Mini’s.

Not as crazy as it sounds. We already know Fujifilm understands the importance of the viewing while taking a photo, the importance of connecting. This is why we have the fabulous hybrid view finder and the (reportedly) super glorious electronic viewfinder on the X-T1. Fujifilm gets it.

Not so crazy either, when you think about the fact that until Fujifilm introduced the X100 & X-Pro1, these kinds of cameras didn’t really exist (at least, not to folk with more normal levels of disposable income).

On a tripod, for considered composing, something like this would be fan-bloody-tastic.

So, the rangefinder / street / discrete types are taken care of, the SLR types are taken care of. Who’s next? The view camera types. That’s who.


Typed with a little lover-ly help here.


2 thoughts on “The Camera Fujifilm Should Make Next

  1. We’ll since both the xe-2 and x-t1 have wifi, wouldn’t a better solution is to transmit the screen image as in a live view over wifi or like air display plus allow camera control too. I would rather see that than a big screen which means big camera.


    • Hiya!

      Yes, exactly. That’s my point. Those who want to do that can, already. What about those who like to work slowly and methodically, with a camera on a tripod, those who do their best work this way? Also, there are all sorts of possibilities for camera movements. Some sort of reasonably priced X-Series version of the Sinar arTec jumps to mind. Fujifilm are great at meeting challenges like this.

      Remember, there was no (perceived) market for the rangefinder style cameras until Fujifilm introduced them. Yet there probably are architectural photographers, landscape photographers, nature photographers, product photographers, studio photographers, etc. who would all not only like this kind of camera, but also have valid uses for one.

      Then again, there was a reason I chose that particular tag…


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