Look a bit closer – X100(s) 50mm Equivalent Teleconverter

Wow! At CP+ (the Japanese Camera & Photo Imaging Show), Fujifilm recently showed off a new teleconverter for the X100 / X100s. Converting to 35mm, this makes the field of view equivalent to 50mm. DPReview has some info & photos here.

This now gives X100 / X100s owners the option of a 28mm / 35mm / 50mm (equivalent) set.

Now the problem (for me) is, what I really want is a portrait lens, somewhere around 75mm to 85mm equivalent. You can certainly use 50mm for portraits, and it really is much better than 35mm for this, but 75mm to 85mm is far better yet.

I was all excited in fact, when I first saw the headline, as I thought it meant converting to an actual 50mm, and this of course would have given 75mm equivalent. Not the case however. Oh well.

What I’m really scared of is that I might end up buying this teleconverter, to get better portrait functionality, only to have the one I really want turn up later.


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