Fujifilm X100s And Photographing Children

I have read several reviews and user comments that suggest that the X-Trans cameras are poor for photographing children.

We went to the beach today, to collect “treasure,” and the reviewers and commentators are right – as far as fast moving children are concerned. It sucked trying to get them at those critical & very fleeting moments where everything came together visually.

I have the cure though. Nail their shoes to the floor.

Seriously though, I’ve found that if you are looking for those spontaneous little moments of joy, then create a fixed or static zone for it to occur in. If you can engage them, what you are doing is nailing their attention to the floor.

For example, after the beach today, I set up a table and had the children tell me stories about their “treasure.” This kept them engaged, relatively stationary, yet also quite animated. Using the table also kept them together along a single plane of focus (but admittedly this didn’t do much for an even light spread). Three examples below.




Typed with a little late night help from these coincidentally oddly appropriate songs, here and here (especially since the carport collapsed under snow last weekend).


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