Fujifilm X-T1 Initial Impressions (by a non-owner, mind)

Today, back in the country for barely 12 hours,* I took a wee trip into Tokyo to purchase an Eneloop battery charger and an Eye-Fi Pro X2 card (an X2 for the X100s – heh, X-Pro1 owners can say ‘a Pro for the Pro’).

Anyway, while at Yodobashi Camera buying said items, I took a spin on the new X-T1. I also had the opportunity to quickly compare it to a few rivals, notably the Olympus OM-D E-M1 (or whatever) and the Sony Alpha a7 / a7R.

I’m only talking about initial impressions here, and thus while I can’t talk about the X-T1 in any meaningful way, I can say this; the electronic veiwfinder on this camera simply blows the competition out of the frickin,’ fecking, jolly water. Totally and utterly. Man, like wow!

The caveat, though, would be that this was in a shop full of ghastly, glaring lighting and a glittering myriad of fine detail, mostly in the form of lines and edges (label writing and the edges of products and product packaging on display). Not the best environment for electronic viewfinders to move across and one I find that does bring out the worst in them. The Sonys in particular were flickering, blown messes of jitteriness. So, bear in mind that out and about in the real world these two brands’ viewfinders might not be as nauseating as I found them.** But on the other hand, the X-T1 was so, so, so much better (not actually pleasant mind, remember the rubbish location) and this can only promise even better things in the real world.

* ’twas so when I typed that on the train on the way home, not quite so now a day later when I’m posting it

** and I mean that not as a general insult, but rather as an actual impact that bordered on being physical


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