So, I Left Home Intending To Buy…

…a Manfrotto 1314B background kit and a white backdrop cloth, and I came away with the TCL-X100 teleconverter instead. Oh well.

Yodobashi Camera no longer stocks the backcloth I wanted and I didn’t want to pay around US$200 for the type they do carry, nor did I want to wait one month for a white one to arrive. So instead I bought the teleconverter. I had earlier in the day considered getting the whole caboodle, so it’s not quite the spur of the moment purchase it might seem. Probably should have waited a few months for the price to drop, but, oh well.

I’m sitting here in the Starbucks around the corner from Yodobashi playing with it. It’s quite a lot of fun. Many people (most?) probably don’t see much difference between a 35mmm and a 50mm fired of view, but after only using 35mm for such a long time, the difference is stunning. No doubt after a while it will feel a bit less extreme.

It comes in a very nice box. I don’t mean the outer packaging box, but it’s own dedicated flash looking hard cardboard box with a hinged lid and magnetic clip. Very nice. I haven’t opened the wee bag holding the carrying pouch yet, so can’t speak to that.

I don’t intend to be out and about with it so much, and I’m reluctant to cover so much glass with even more, so I didn’t buy the Fujifilm protective filter (which I do have for the standard lens and which I keep on, along with the lens hood, as a substitute for a lens cap). Maybe I should though, as I read that it smudges easily, being such a large hunk of glass and all. It already seems to be at attracting dust.

Here’s some iPad snaps of it on the camera.




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