Be Still Child – The TCL-X100, Focus & Bokeh

Here’s a few meh shots from today at the park, where I tried out Fujifilm’s new 50mm equivalent teleconverter for the X100 / X100s again. For illustrative purposes only, as they say. Not many where in focus today, but that’s because I couldn’t seem to lock the kids down. Sitting on top of bicycles, they constantly swayed towards and away from me. Not good when trying to fill the frame with a face.

I think the previous focus issues (not appearing sharp even though focus locks on) are down to me. A stint on the tripod proves that. It still tends to be a bit difficult to aquire focus (auto focus) up close though, and it can either do a lot of hunting before coming up with the red box, or just jump straight to the red box. I think I need to be more methodical in working out close focus distances. f2 is proving quite soft too.* Still, for some portraits, that will be fine. Think I’m going to spend most of my time up close at f2.8 though.

Anyway, here’s the shots, just to show the depth of field and the out of focus rendering at wide apertures when up close, filling the frame with a face. Excuse the wonky and all over the place white balance. My daughter at f2, f2 and f2.8. From the first one of these, you can see it is possible to be reasonably sharp at f2. The second, less sharp one with the head on an angle does do a good job of illustrating the quick transition to out of focus, forward eye to rear eye. In the last one at f2.8, everything crisps up nicely. The final shot, of my son, is at f2 and again shows a reasonably firm close eye and a quick fall off on sharpness by the rear eye.





* comparatively speaking, mind




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