Stranger’s Head and TCL-X100 Focus and Bokeh

Here’s some secret shots of the back of a total stranger’s head, taken purely to see how well I can nail focus, how sharp the results are and what the background bokeh looks like.

The head fills the frame about what a typical head and shoulders shot might be like (not too tight, but not too lose), and the focus is always in the region of the left side ear. You can get an idea of the depth of focus if you peep closer. The background is quite a ways away, but some of the shots have some other random strangers in them at closer distances, so you can get a wee idea of the rendering of the bokeh here too. This is all I’ve had time for I’m afraid – quick snaps while commuting. I just haven’t had time to do more rigorous playing around, but I’ll get around to it.

I’m liking the bokeh, and am getting better at nailing focus at f2. However, f2.8 is definitely sharper.

The shots go f2.8, f2, f2.8 and f2.

_DSF4774 X100s + TCL-X100 @ f2.8

_DSF4776 X100s + TCL-X100 @ f2

_DSF4777 X100s + TCL-X100 @ f2.8

_DSF4778 X100s + TCL-X100 @ f2.8


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