Get It When You Can

I don’t know much about Japanese comic books – manga. The only one I read is ‘Yotsubato!‘ Besides being really funny at times and generally quite enjoyable, it’s the only one I’ve found that is simple enough for my abysmal Japanese ability.

Anyway, the immensely popular manga series One Piece presumably has a new tankobon serial out today, as I noticed a special table this morning outside a bookstore inside a major train station, selling said comic books to a long queue of people, mostly adult males.

Walking past I thought to myself, ‘That’s interesting. Probably a photo to be had there.” However, being lazy, I just kept going. But it kept bothering me, and once up on my next platform, I decided to pull out the X100s and return downstairs to try to get a photograph.

When I got back there, there where no more customers, and only a couple of staff members leaning on the table, chatting. Doh!

Get it when you can.


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