Life At f2

Here’s two portraits of my daughter, at f2. Top one with the TCL-X100 and bottom one, which I quite like, with the standard X100s fixed lens. Still having trouble nailing focus with the TCL-X100. f2 is a softer deal too, regardless of lens set up, and I’ve had to add clarity around the eyes to both of these.




4 thoughts on “Life At f2

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  2. Nice shots. I tend to find myself only really using f/2.8. It my opinion, it’s not that the camera is particularly soft at 2, I just find it amazingly sharp at 2.8. Cup half full eh? Marc


    • Hiya!


      Yeah, I think you’re right. When I wrote the post, I amended the original line to “softer” rather than “soft,” but I still probably overstated the case.

      I actually quite like the degree of softness, or shall we say, non-hardness, you get at f2. It has a nice character and looks good for faces, just the eyes and eyelashes can come out with the appearance of being a little bit not so sharp. Clarity tightens that up though, and usually only takes a moment.


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