Terry Richardson – Part 2

So, way back in January last year I wrote here and here about a Fujifilm X-Series exhibition, which featured two of Richardson’s photographs.

Here are the photographs in question (reproduced badly). I actually quite liked them. In fact, I thought they were really good in the flesh, as it were.* Flowers though, not girly-with-no-clothes on stuff. I guess the flowers had no agency either, just snipped off and stuffed where the photographer wanted them.**

Fine Art Photog x X-Series - Terry Richardson 4 Fine Art Photog x X-Series - Terry Richardson 3

The exhibition also featured a table with various books by the artists involved (William Eggleston, Martin Parr, Nan Goldin, Stephen Shore, Terry Richardson and Ryan McGinley). It was quite interesting watching people look at and respond to the Richardson books (bit hazy now in memory land, but I think there were at least two different titles by Richardson). Basically, people wanting to look, but not wanting to let on they wanted to look. That was my overriding impression anyway.

Quite a loaded topic, this man with camera vs girl thing. Might have to return to it soon.

* pun intended

** knew I could get some kind of analogy of of it somewhere.


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