Meetings (aka take a photo, you idiot)

On Tuesday I had the pleasure of travelling into Shinjuku, Tokyo, to meet a fellow blogger and Fujifilm X100 owner Kevin, who was visiting Tokyo for a few days.

Kevin out Japanese-d me, and bought me some omiyage in the form of Arnott’s biscuits – some Tim Tams and Mint Slices. Yum-o! Thanks Kevin.

We had a nice time, chatting about our similar cross-Tasman cultural backgrounds and, of course, cameras.

As we where sitting and chatting, I was secretly eyeing Kevin up for a portrait. He was sporting a rather nice hat, and I had figured out how I wanted to use this as an element in the composition. However, at the end of our chat when we stepped out of the coffee shop and into the heat of the day, my brain was instantly fried.* I just totally forgot what I had planned. I am such an idiot at times. Despite my temporary brain fry though, I had a really nice time.

Kevin also e-mailed me later, with a heads up on an exhibition at the Fujifilm Square in Roppongi. I went there today. I might have a little to add about that later.

Good night.

* today for example, at my house in the late afternoon, it was 45 degrees Celsius in the sun and 39 in the shade (that’s 113 and 102 Fahrenheit respectively)


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