Blither-nars – Or, Why I Hate Webinars

The internet is cool and groovy in so many ways. For example, it’s great that you can find all sorts of expert people; people who are willing to share their knowledge and help you out with hobbies, professions, etc. That’s fantastic, it truly is.

I also understand that some of these people want, or even need to monetize what they do. That’s fine.

What does drive me nuts though, is having to wade through a huge amount of dross when dealing with online video, whether it be a webinar, or some other kind of video-cast. I really don’t want to waste my time on drivel, or even just non-relevant stuff,* just to get that one or two (or 5 in today’s case) ‘must have killer tips.’

What is especially infuriating is to be led in with promises (often seemingly precise yet oddly vague), only to find 30 minutes or more later that it’s something you already knew, or is more underwhelming than wowing.

Of course, I guess it’s a bonus for me that I have, by this stage, seen all the self promoting bits and all the amazing deals on offer. Lucky old me. Or rather, lucky older me.

To these people I’d just like to say:

signal to noise

signal to noise

signal to noise

* I just added that bit to be polite – really, it’s mostly drivel as padding.


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