The Season Of Festivals

It’s summer in Japan, and that means it is really hot.

Last week, curious I put a digital thermometer outside. As I mentioned here, it was 39 degrees celcius in the shade and 45 in the sun (that’s 113 and 102 Fahrenheit respectively). Last Sunday I did the same, only in the sunshine this time. The thermometer overheated! I think that means it went past 50 (122 Fahrenheit). Foolishly, I was also reproofing my veranda. It still haven’t quite recovered.

Anyway, summer is also the season of festivals. Here’s some snaps. Excuse the blurriness – it was very dark.

_DSF6536 _DSF6571 _DSF6558 1As David Hobby once said, the Fujifilm X100s can see in the dark. All at ISO 6400 & f2.8.

Typed, quite naturally, while listening to Summer In The City.


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