What is Portrait Photography? – A Pithy Quote

The other day I was watching a Bowens educational video online, hosted by Joe Brady and Tony Corbell. The video,The Basics of Portrait Lighting,* was kinda interesting, but the thing that stuck with me was something that Tony Corbell said near the beginning. Quoting someone (I think) called Arthur Rainville,** he said;

“A photograph is of someone but a portrait is about someone.”

I’m usually turned right off by pithy quotes, but this one seems to make some sense. Not so much as some kind of touchy-feely notion, but rather as a concrete goal to aim for.


* the link goes to the main video page

** probably this guy (http://www.studiorainville.com/), but I’m not sure as, after entering the site, I didn’t get past the very slow to load flash page that said something like “Not a site for the impatient traveller, rather, a destination to explore and perhaps connect…” or some such. There’s three composited images on the page, no links I can find anywhere and intensely irritating music. It’s still running on another tab and there seems no way past it. Making me reconsider the ‘wisdom’ of the above quote…


One thought on “What is Portrait Photography? – A Pithy Quote

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