Nature Snob – X100s In The Wilds Of New Zealand

In Japan, when people point out “pretty” things in the natural world to me, I often end up sounding like a nature snob. Japan’s a great place and I love living there, but the truth is, when it comes to dramatic unspoilt natural scenery, the good bits are few and far between. It’s not that hard to find pockets of natural untouched scenery, but it takes a fair amount of effort and time and once there, you’ll be standing with a dozen other people looking at it, and unless you hit it at the right time of year, it will most likely be somewhat underwhelming. Not only that, but more likely than not, if you turn around and look the other way, you’ll be confronted by some sort of development.

New Zealand on the other hand, blows my fecking mind very time I come back.

_DSF6784_DSF6913_DSF6933_DSF6950_DSF6955_DSF7383_DSF7518_DSF7420_DSF7506 _DSF6672_DSF6753


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