Change Is Hard

I’m sitting here now in a Starbucks, looking out the window and feeling slightly dazed after flying for 12 hours yesterday.*

An elderly Japanese gentleman is sitting diagonally across from me, with his shoes off and his legs crossed on the chair – i.e. sitting cross legged just like he would be at home on tatami flooring. Yesterday in a transit lounge cafe, I watched a Japanese man attempt to eat a muffin with chopsticks.** Despite some mild mockery from his family about the fact that a fork would be better, he refused to give up. I wasn’t able to see clearly what happened but I noticed in the end he finished it. I suspect he finally relented and went with the fork.

Change is hard.

With that in mind, here’s something Mike Johnston just wrote, about the onslaught of cell phone cameras, the seeming inability of major dSLR makers to change, etc.

* flew with two young children to boot – so make that totally frazzled

** watching people attempt to eat Indian curry with chopsticks in my favour though


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