He Said Look, So I Did – The New Panasonic LX100

What with jet-lag, some kind of flu and general overwhelmed-ness, I’m a bit behind with things, including my blog reading.

So I just got to The Online Photographer and Mike Johnston’s entry on the new Panasonic Lumix LX100.

The title is Look At This. So, I did, I looked. And what I saw in that photo was the same general body lines and knob layout as an X100/s/t.*

I know the X100/s/t draws retrospectivley oh so heavily on the heritage of Leica design, but really, the Panasonic offering strongly looks to me like a bandwagon thing – at least on the visual / design front. No doubt it’s a fantastic camera on the inside.

It was the name that did it for me really, as I wondered if it stood for ‘Lumix version of X100.’

Looking here at DP Review also brought about the same slightly disconnected feeling of “what am I looking at?” Kinda X-E1/2-ish from this angle.

DP Review say “Aside from the lenses, the major cosmetic difference between the LX100 (left) and LX7 is the grip.” I’d say not. I’d say it’s the top plate.

Mind you, with the optional lens cover thingy, they totally blew it, as can be seen here. Yuck. Still, without that clue, you’d have to look twice to figure out what he’s holding.


* I’m talking about the front and without the butt ugly lens telescoped out – i.e. the marketing image



3 thoughts on “He Said Look, So I Did – The New Panasonic LX100

  1. Hi Alain, cute blog and lovely photography.

    It certainly is a butt ugly lens/lenscap arrangement. They could have mounted a fixed lens like on the Fuji X100 or the Sony RX1, but then it would definitely have been a bandwagon thing. I guess they need to differentiate.

    Some complain there’s no tilting EVF or LCD on the LX100, but nobody seems to complain about this omission on the now 3rd generation X100T. I guess the characterful look and feel of the X100 series and its photographic qualities are enough of a unique selling point.

    I use a Lumix LX5 and a GH2, both great at faithful, neutral reproduction of a scene, but both useless at emulating anything like a Velvia or other Fujifilm emulation. Character really does come out when I use the 20mm F1.7, though.

    It remains to be seen whether the LX100 is a successful combination of both aforementioned cameras into one (24mm-70mm, great video capability, and the character of a 20mm prime). It’s likely to be great at the first two and quite good at the third attribute, which might leave me kind of uninspired..

    Whenever I look at the Fuji X100 as an object and then some of the stuff that comes out of it, I do really wish I had one. It’s the only camera I’ve desired for a long time.


    • Hiya Ghigo,

      Incidentally, I’m Dean, not Alain!

      I have the same 20mm f1.7 from when my main cary around camera was the GF-1. It certainly is a great lens.

      I really do feel Panasonic is emulating some of the Fuji X-Series design look and also that they are trying to draw on the subconscious connotations of the Fuji model name. It’s probably the marketing department throwing it’s weight around. No doubt though that the camera itself will produce great results & as an all-rounder (i.e. zoomable still images and movie files) it’s probably a better choice for many than the X100/s/t.

      Still, nothing will prise me away from my X100s. If you get the chance, try one out. It’s more than a joy to use, it’s a trip.


      • Ha! Sincere apologies, Dean.

        Actually, it’s interesting that you have direct experience of the lens outputs of the 20mm F1.7 and the X100. GF-1 was certainly an original but it sounds as though the X100S is the perfect camera/lens for you.

        I didn’t go for the GX7 because it lacked the direct analogue controls of the X-Series. You shouldn’t need a menu and rotary dial to access shutter, EV compensation, aperture, or a mechanical self-timer (X100). My experience of analogue film informs my preferences, but it’s clear the market recognises the tactile advantages too.

        I agree with you about the LX100 nomenclature. Is it a homage or a challenge? Both, I guess. Besides the LX series started with LX1, I believe. Because LX is moving to a much larger sensor I suppose they needed to reset the number series by bolting on a couple of zeros. Cheeky, or flattering, it’s looks like a good move, for me at least.

        Would you still recommend the original X100 (with firmware update) today, or did you buy straight into the X100S?


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