Just Too Obscure…

So, yesterday’s hat reference was probably a bit too obscure.
    It’s a genuine Japanese farmers’ hat. Bought it at a nearby home centre* that services a rural farming community – cos it reminds me of two separate photos of Duncan Grant. One by John Hedgecoe and one by Jane Bown.
    How could I go past something that reminds me of two of my favourite photographers of people?
    I can’t find Hedgecoe one online, but here’s the one by Bown.
    And naturally & appropriately (to me anyway), here’s a song, with such a brilliant opening line, that I sometimes think might be about me – The Verlaines: Death and the Maiden
Lyrics here.
    * a place that sells stuff for your home, naturally, but also includes DIY things like hammers, saws, nails, timber (lumber) and stuff & often also stuff for tradespeople, like the aforementioned hammers & stuff and also more specialised equipment. In rural areas this also includes spades, rotary hoes, weeders, seed stock, etc. – and farmers hats
    p.s. sorry about the formatting. For some reason, in this particular post, I just can’t seem to get paragraphs to work. So, I indented the start of each as compensation.

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