5 Day Deal – A seriously good deal for photographers

I’m not sure, but ‘5 Day Deal‘ seems to be some sort of company or something that organises, wait for it, five day deals. You can get a lot of stuff for very very little money during a deal period. They give some money to charity. They also bundle in some sort of ‘discount coupon’ thingy for ‘partner’ companies, so I suspect this is also a revenue stream for them. Anyway, the whole thing seems legit and popular.

At the moment they are running a photography related one – you can get $2000 worth of stuff for $89 US.

To be honest, much of it seems a bit meh. Much of the $2000 value seems to be taken up with e-books and the like on basics and airy fairy-ness, and things like presets, actions and textures that most people probably don’t need and will never use.

However, there’s some real gems in there too, like Zack Arias’ current OneLight series, which normally sells for $75 alone. Also some quite good looking video instructions for beginner to intermediate Lightroom users and the same for Photoshop users. Also a few e-books and presets that do seem useful.

Also, despite my “meh” comment above, if one was very new to photography (or to using a camera off the ‘auto’ function), then this deal would be fantastic. Here’s the link – only 1 & a ½ days left mind!



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