A Good (X100s) Review

Digital Photography Review, aka DPReview, is a great site, and offers good all round reviews of camera gear, from people who now not only have a great deal of technical knowledge, but also a great deal of experience with a very wide array of cameras. Also, they tend to offer ‘first impression’ type reviews for newly introduced products, which because of the aforementioned experience, are actually valid and useful. Their full reviews tend to be based on extended use, and this fact, again combined with the aforementioned experience, mean really usable and reliable reviews.

What they do lack however, to some degree, being focussed strongly on the technical, is the more abstract element – that subjective perspective centred around more airy fairy aspects, such as emotional connection, drive to use, psychological liberation, etc. You know, unicorn rides across the gumdrop mountains while sipping fairy dust Frappuccinos, to paraphrase Zack Arias.

That’s not to knock the likes of DPReview, just to acknowledge that they might not be enough. A very important first stop, but certainly not the only one.

Anyway, here’s a good experiential review, in my oh so humble opinion.



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