Phil Kneen nails it…

…and gets nailed for it.

Phil Kneen is, in my not so humble opinion, a fecking brilliant portraitist.

I could go on and on about what I think he does with a camera, but basically, he has a distinctive look and a distinctive style married with a keen* compositional eye.

He regularly gets flagged and gaged on social media for, well, basically, being an artist.

The idea that Phil Kneen’s photographs are pornography is laughable. Daring, provocative, dramatic, probing, questioning, emotion evoking**, yes. That and a whole lot more. Porn – no.

To paraphrase some idiot from the long ago times, I may not know what pornography is, but I know when I’ not seeing it.

Peace, and all that.

* that was a deliberate word choice, as a kind of word play humour. Here in Japan an ‘oyaji gyagu,’ or ‘old man’s gag,’ is used mildly pejoratively to denote such feeble attempts at humour
* p.s. oh, and just in case, I do know how to pronounce Phil’s last name, just like I can say ‘See-o-bahn.’ Depressingly, Americans often think my son is ham like, as in “ham-ish.”
** more on that in quite possibly, the next post.


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