Evoking Emotion in Photography

In the comments following a blog post by Phil Kneen, commentator JJ. Sommer wrote the following.

“You likely made someone uncomfortable by experiencing an emotion.”

I thought that was, as well as being a succinctly nice verbal turn, right on the mark. Someone has experienced an emotion, and not liked it.

Or possibly more accurately, not been able to handle it. I guess people bring their own baggage when it comes to emotion evoking situations.

Over the ages a lot of mental effort, not to mention paper, ink and electrons, has been expended on the question of what exactly is art. What is it, how to recognise it, what is it not? And all that.

For me, if you journey to the centre of what art is, the fundamental is, it must evoke emotion. Of some sort.

And speaking of the fundamentals, journey into the centre of this (you’ll have to make the effort to go 7 mins in – sorry, but on the other hand, its a nice trip getting there).


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