More On Emotion In Photography

Further to my last two posts, and in relation to this post and thread of comments on the Online Photographer on the relationship between the older arts and photography and various ideas that some hold of photography being a lesser art or no art at all, I hold the following position.

For me, the value of both an art and an individual work depends not upon the technical. While certainly worthy of appreciation and analysis, it ultimately does not matter what degree of technical skill or craft a medium (subjectively) requires, an individual artist possesses or an individual work was executed with, the ultimate value and the final arbitrator of my appreciation is the emotional response – what, in nature, kind and degree, does the work evoke?*

And as should be obvious, that’s independent of medium.

* and that’s not to negate the idea that ‘art’ can be a medium that promotes or provokes thought or consideration or can stand apart from notions of beauty or aesthetic appeasement. I personally tend to hold that inquisitiveness, curiosity, puzzlement and a need to simply know, as instances of feeling, are emotions.


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