Sparkly Z (Tram Station)

Pressed for time lately, and thus not much happening here in the way of photographs. So, yesterday (or was it the day before?) I deliberately tried to get at least one photo. Here it is. The light and angles caught my eye while waiting for a tram.

_DSF0355 X100s, B&W Filter Mode, Capture One Pro, Lightroom


4 thoughts on “Sparkly Z (Tram Station)

    • Hiya!

      You should like the TCL-X100. It took me a while to warm to it, being so in love with the native 35m equiv., but now I really like it. The teleconverter works really well and it’s optically great. A steal at the price.

      Incidentally, I was all set to go to bed, having foresworn a beer a little earlier, and then I saw your emoticon, and thought, why not? Now it’s just after 1 am and the wife’s just come downstairs to tell me to turn the music down and go to bed. Oh well. Night…


      • Ar Great news. This is specially for my Granddaughter, thanks for taking the time and risking wife angst. My next plan is to move to the x100T if my tax return allows it 🙂


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