Still More TCL-X100 Teleconverter Portraits

We went to a wine and food festival in Oamaru (New Zealand) on Sunday. Oamaru is a wonderful town, with many cafes and restaurants (some award winning), a really good craft brewery, a really good artisan cheese producer, an art school and a Victorian Precinct, complete with the Steampunk HQ (if you’re on the individual page for this post, you can see some Victoriana / steampunk-ish folk in the header photo).

Anyway, while whiling away the afternoon listening to some music (one of my favourite live bands The Eastern were headlining), I snapped the kids, and also Tom Jones, aka Tom the Pom of Crafty Beers (on right, along with two unidentified helpers).

All X100s + TCL-X100 & via Capture One Pro and Lightroom. For the bokeh-curious: f5.6, f5.6, f2.8, f2.8 respectively.

_DSF1986 _DSF1987 _DSF1999 _DSF2018 1



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