About to he’d back to Japan, after a fairly long period in New Zealand.

As always, New Zealand was a blast. As always, overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of the place and the generosity and friendliness of the inhabitants. As always, shocked by the cost of living. New Zealand residents are certainly getting ripped off, somewhere along the chain of commerce, especially in the supermarkets, by someone.

As always, stunned by the rich cultural diversity that has taken root in New Zealand. In my wee rural hometown of around 4000 people, in the wee primary school of around 300 students that my children attend while here, there are definitely more ethnicities represented than in all of the schools (primary, intermediate and high school) in the city of around 140,000 where I live in Japan. This town is far better for it too.

Far better curry in this wee town too, than I’ve ever had in Japan, including the mighty metropolis of Tokyo.

As always too, stunned by the number of blonde children at the school my children attend while we’re here. When I went to school here, there were a fair few blonde children, but I can’t recall the numbers being so high as I see now.

And that fact (kinda) relates to this last week, where I did two portrait sessions of two different children, who just happened to both be blond (in Dunedin city – not here). I’ll see if I can set them up to auto post over the next two days.

So, that’s all for now. Onward and upward.


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